May 26 2017

How to Successfully Avoid Distractions When Studying

Learn to Avoid Distractions When Studying

I was a student once upon a time, and I vividly remember ALWAYS struggling to study. I just never learned how to avoid distractions when studying. Fast forward to graduate school, I quickly learned the errors of my way and changed my study routine once and for all.

So, if you find yourself struggling to stay focused, learn to avoid these common distractions. Some of the distractions I heard to deal with included but not limited to, music blasting off the stereo, the latest movie playing on tv and my video game console. To avoid falling into the same pitfalls I did I’ll show a few tricks you can employ.


1. Schedule Time to Study and Schedule Your Breaks As Well

If you’re anything like me, then sometimes setting aside time to study is a bit of a last minute afterthought. But if you consistently set aside time in your schedule to study, I promise you’ll see a vast improvement in your grades.

Wherever there’s some open time in your schedule, set aside a certain amount of time every other day to study your course material.

Stick to this plan and it will slowly become a routine that will be easy to follow and will help lessen your stress.


2. Pick a Study Space With the Least Amount of Distractions Around

Now that you’ve set aside some time to study, it’s important to also pick out a good place to study. This means that you should choose a place free of noise and other distractions.

Pick out a space that you wouldn’t use for anything else except school work. Do not try to study with the TV on or laying on your bed.

When studying your mind needs to focus only on the task at hand, studying. Find a quiet place inside the library or a local coffee shop and designate that as your study space. Every time you go there, it will put you in the proper mindset and help you focus on your school work.


3. Choose the Perfect Dress Code for Serious Studying

Another trick to help avoid distractions when studying is dress code. Yes, dress code. Imagine you have sat down to read but the pair of trousers you have are too tight. You see how it will feel, uncomfortable and distracting. To avoid this mistakes dress in such a way that you are comfortable and blood is circulating without restrictions.


4. Study as a Group But Go in With a Plan

Now up until this point, I’ve told you to study in a quiet, isolated place so you might be a little confused now that I’m suggesting you study with other people but hear me out.

You should definitely set aside some time to study on your own, but there are some benefits of studying with others. By going over material with other people from your class, you’ll get a fresh perspective on the material and have the opportunity to discuss difficult or confusing work with your peers.

Just be sure to study with the right people. What I mean by right people is that each person in your study group is on the same page. You guys aren’t there to socialize, you’re there to get work down. Make sure the people joining you are well aware what you’re trying to accomplish.

Last Words

The four tricks I have given have helped me avoid distractions when studying. I know that when you put them to practice you will have better and effective study habit.


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