Jun 18 2017

Need To Unwind Your Mind? Try These 7 Brain Training Apps

A stressful work week can burn out anyone’s brain. As a result, it becomes harder and harder to keep focus. One way to prevent this from happening is to exercise those brain muscles as least once a day. Brain training apps help you do just that! They’re convenient and a nice break from the work day. Check them out!

1. Elevate Your Mind With Elevate

This quick-brain-training app targets your reading comprehension, your memory and ability to focus. In fact, most of Elevate’s 35 games directly relate to real-world tasks.

These brightly colored games mostly focus on daily mental hurdles, for instance, listening, writing, reading, speaking and solving mathematical problems. The game comes in a series of short exercises which only take a couple of minutes each. Therefore, you have the freedom to play it regularly throughout the day.

To get started, all you have to do is just to pick the skills you would like improved, and the app will automatically set up a personalized training schedule for you. What’s more? As you play the game, you will be rewarded for your speed and accuracy. Additionally, you can track your progress to see whether your training is working.

2. Don’t Let Your Inner Light Shine With Lumosity

Since its inception in 2007, Lumosity has grown to reach 70 million registered users- playing more than 50 different games on the app. This brain training app is designed to improve your attention, memory, processing speed, problem-solving and flexibility of thinking. You shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that this app is out of age.

In fact, Lumosity is continually being updated based on the latest science and user feedback. Despite its recent clash with FTC, Lumosity has a lot of scientific proof to support its brain enhancing abilities.

To get started, all you have to do is to create an account and choose the mental facilities you would like to exercise. Lumosity picks it from there and creates a customized daily schedule which is tailored made according to the skills you want to improve.

3. Keep Your Mind Sharp With Eidetic

Eidetic uses a specialized technique known as space recognition to help you remember anything from interesting facts/words to important phone numbers.

The app is different from other typical brain training applications because it uses items that have context and meaning, for instance, your bank account details, a new quote worth memorizing or your soulmate’s phone number.

What’s more? Eidetic comes with notifications to remind you when it is time to put your mind to test.

4. Brain Train Till You’re at Your Peak

This app comes with approximately 40 games which focus on training attention, memory, mental agility, coordination, language, emotion control, and creativity. The most outstanding feature of this app is “Coach.” This revolutionary feature evaluates your performance and offers tips on how to improve it. Peak gives you a choice of focusing on quick games that fit in your schedule or going with Coach’s recommendations.

5. If You Want a Fit Brain, Try Fit Brains

Just like Lumosity, this app aims to boost your mental performance with a series of games designed to help your weaker areas.

The primary mental functions targeted include memory, focus, logic, speed, language and visual. Like a personal trainer, Fit Brains gets harder as your performance improves.

The app monitors your progress and makes recommendations on how to challenge yourself for better results.

6. Step Up Your Mental Strength With CogniFit Brain Fitness

Are you looking to improve your cognitive abilities for instance concentration and memory? This sleek, addictive and fun app is all you need.

CogniFit allows you to track your progress and even access insights about your brain health. After a start-up quiz, this app adapts each game’s difficulty to your profile and provides useful recommendations based on your results.

Final Thoughts on Brain Training Apps

Brain training apps should come with a variety of games that keep challenging you. Furthermore, the app should have short games that are easy to fit into your daily schedule and inspire you to keep playing.

The app should also be able to track your progress as you play so that you can see whether your efforts are yielding fruits or not.

Whether your goal is to do better at school, improve your focus at work of just stay sharp, these six brain training apps will meet your demands because they adhere to all the requirements of perfect brain training apps.


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